The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I may have traumatized a first time mother in Babies R Us...

   So, I headed in to Babies R Us to exchange some car seats for belt boosters.  I had been putting it off forever, and the car seats were still sitting downstairs in their boxes.  Mike and I decided that boosters for the Camry would be plenty, and would also give us a better chance of fitting the third car seat in the smaller car.  A compromise, since I had originally purchased four matching car seats after our accident this summer.  The kids hardly ever ride in the Camry, but I prefer that both cars are always prepped to carry the children.

    After I lugged both of the ginormous car seats inside, and completed the return process, I ventured over to the car seat section to pick out the booster seats I wanted.  The bonus, I was left with an additional $250.00 credit after the replacement seats were purchased.  Bonus...especially since my infant car seat is technically expired and a little worn after four kids.  (Only two were mine, but I purchased the seat used from a family friend who had also already used it for 2 kids before mine.)  So I was wandering around the travel system section, checking out what we could afford with our bonus money.  As all experienced mommies know, the only people in the travel system section are the new mommies.  Because the rest of us should already have that stuff.  And there she was.  This sweet, young thing with her registry scanner and her husband in tow.  I couldn't even see a tummy...she is either very early or one of those lucky women that hardly shows.  Who knows??  Maybe she is adopting or using a surrogate.  I try to keep an open mind.  I pull down a travel system that looked mid price range, and was a brand I have used in the past.  She walked up, and our conversation went a little something like this...

New Mommy " want to look at this one (pointing to another stroller), it was rated much higher in consumer reports, and it is even a little cheaper.  The one you are looking at is lighter weight and folds much easier, but that actually concerned me a little..."
Me "OK, I haven't really done a lot of research.  This is my third, I just need to replace our old infant seat.  However, I have to admit, the light weight and easy fold really appeal to me..."
New Mommy "Ahhh yes, since this is my first, I have had plenty of time to research."
Me (playing with the stroller) "Yes, yes you have..."
New Mommy "Aren't you afraid that it folds so easily, it might fold up while the baby is in it."
Me "Yeah...this is my third.  No, it doesn't worry me at all.  In fact, the quick fold means I have more time to grab the other two before they do something crazy like run into the street.  And even if it did fold up while the baby was in there, I would probably just apologize to the little one, and move on..."
New Mommy (staring at me like I have two heads) "oh..."
Me "Trust me, you will learn all of this stuff eventually.  We were all a little scared with the first one, and then you learn how to actually function and survive, and still be safe."

    She wandered off, and I continued to check out the strollers.  I had to laugh as I am sure I horrified her a little.  The next thing I knew, they were back.  She asked me which window shade I used, and I cringed as I admitted that I had never used one.  I explained my windows were tinted, and that the kids never complained, but I pointed to one two pack, and said they would be sufficient.  Then she asked about mirrors in the car to see the babies.  I said I used one the first time, but it was broken the second time, so I never used one with Molly.  I pointed out that it was pretty easy to tell how she was feeling.  She screamed when she was hungry or angry, and when she was happy, she didn't.  No mirror needed :)  I warned her her that the vast majority of this stuff was extra.  She seemed surprised, but willing to listen.  I simply smiled as I headed off to the register.  As I was leaving, I shouted back..."oh, by the way, you don't need the wipe warmer either.  And keep all of your receipts.  That way you can bring this extra stuff back when you need diapers and wipes and food..."

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  1. I'm sticking with one, but if I had another, I know I'd be waaay more relaxed about a lot of things I worried about with my first (like, why would I ever bother with a crib tent again? Our cat was never going to suffocate our child!)... I think first-time moms tend to stress themselves out with too much research and too many parenting magazines. (FTR Parenting magazines have been banned in our house after I realized they contributed to my post-partum depression) :/