The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am very important...

Colin asking to play Wii earlier today...
Colin "Mommy, can I play a game on the Wii?"
Me "I told you we might play some games later when your friends come over. Let's save it for then. You have to be patient sometimes bud."
Colin "Awwww, mommy. I want to play now. I am very important."
Me "huh??"
Colin "You know, I want to play now."
Me "Oh, I think you mean impatient little dude. That means you don't want to wait."
Colin "Oh yeah, impatient. Am I important too?"
Me "Yep, you are always important to me. And many very important people are impatient as well. You will learn that when you get older."

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