The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wisdom from the Colin Bear :)

My son is forever surprising me with his little bits of wisdom.  So here are a few I would like to share :)

While in the car, at a stop light, waiting to turn left.  The car behind us honks.
Colin (Turning around to see the car behind us) "Hey...We are at a traffic light, you need to take turns.  It is not your turn yet."

To the cashier at Publix...
Colin  "Diarrhea comes out very fast..."
Cashier "Really?  Is that so?"

While staring at himself in the mirror
Colin  "Mommy, my hair is getting poofy.  I think I need a haircut."

After I have been paged to the kid's area of the gym...
Colin "Mommy, Molly stinks.  I think she pooped in her pants."
Me "Thanks buddy, let's go change her."
Colin (While watching the process) "Oh...I think Molly had corn last night."

After stopping for Molly to pee, yet again...
Colin  "Mommy, we need to teach Molly how to pee pee on trees."

While I am in Pensacola, visiting my family...
Colin  "Mommy, have you started driving home yet?"
Me  "No bud, I am still visiting with your grandpas and your Uncle Alan."
Colin  "You have a very long drive, you need to start driving."


  1. Awesome! Corn does that to everyone, Colin.

  2. I love the play by play coverage that toddlers give you :) It always makes me laugh