The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The election according to Colin Bear...

   Let me go ahead and state at the beginning of this post.  I don't do political discussions.  Please do not read into anything that is said during this post.  I do not wish to spark political debates, and I am certainly not interested in upsetting friends and colleagues.  This is purely a funny story about my son, and a 4 y/o point of view about the election.  This is my for the funny story.

   The Colin Bear is frequently full of wisdom.  He is a smart, observant little dude.  So I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me at the beginning of the month when he attempted to engage me in a discussion about the election.  We don't really discuss politics around here.  Mike would love too...I, however, not so much, so I was a little surprised that my son even knew that the election was happening.  He frequently comes home with handouts from school, and he brought out a handout about the election.  He showed me pictures of both candidates, told me their names, and then he told me about some of their favorite hobbies(as shown by pictures in the handout.)  I was pretty impressed.  And then he sat down on the couch and thought about it all...He noodled it for a bit, and he says
Colin "Hey Mommy, it's Wednesday.  Which guy won?"
Me  "Well little dude. Barack Obama won."
Colin  "Oh...(wanders off to play with his Angry Birds for a few minutes, returns to continue the conversation)
Colin  "Mommy, I am really glad Barack Obama won the election."
Me  "Really, why is that little dude?(I am totally curious what reason he might have)
Colin "Well, I am glad Barack won because, Mitt is a really funny name..."
Me  "Because Barack Obama just rolls off the tongue..."
Colin  "Oh, and Barack Obama(yes he used his full name the whole time) is a boy like me."
Me  "Really?  How old is Barack Obama?"
Colin  "He is 6 y/o.  Mitt Romney is old.  He is like 100 y/o"
Me  "ahhh, I see.  Well I am glad you are satisfied with the results of the election little man."
Colin  "Yep, I like Barack Obama."
     He wandered off to play with his Angry Birds like this was completely normal conversation to have at the age of four.  I have the distinct feeling that I might have two men in my house attempting to engage me in political discussions later in life.  Fabulous.  Just what I need, two political junkies.

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