The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Friday, November 30, 2012

When I am 16 y/o, I am going to have a baby in my belly...

   Let it be known, that no matter which child told me this statement, I would be horrified.  Of course, to add a strange little twist, my son announced this in the car yesterday.  Hold up there little dude, I think mommy has some more explaining to do...
   Let it also be known that Colin is under the impression that 16 y/o is "very old."  He seems to think this particular age is "grown up."  I certainly hope it has nothing to do with the horrific phenomenon of MTV's 16 and pregnant.  I am sure it is just a coincidence...I hope it is, since I have never even watched that program.  So our conversation went something like this.

Colin  "Mommy...You know what??"
Me "What's up little dude?"
Colin  "When I am sixteen years old, I am going to have a baby in my belly."
(insert sounds of mommy choking on her Coke Zero, and spewing a little on the windshield)
Me  "Well, that would be pretty difficult buddy.  You see, only girls can have babies in their bellies.  we have talked about this before.  Boys can't grow babies in their bellies."
Colin  "Ohhhh...Well, can Molly have a baby in her belly when she is sixteen years old??  She is a girl."
(more obvious choking sounds from the front seat)
Me  "Nope, not if she wants to live to make it into college..."
Colin  "But why Mommy??"
Me  "Well, I know you think 16 y/o is a grown up, but mommy would really prefer if you and Molly waited have kids until you were much older."
Colin  "OK Mommy.  Can you grow a baby for me in your belly??"
(more choking sounds...I was obviously not supposed to finish that drink)

   I hope that conversation goes just as well in high school.  Dear Lord, I am not looking forward to those years...Now I am off to figure out why Molly has no pants on right now.  When I asked her she simply said "I don't know, but I have my pink wankie, so it's OK."  I can't keep her pants on now.  I am doomed during the teen years :)

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