The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I just stopped my daughter from putting the cat in the trashcan...

  On this, the 36th anniversary of my birth, I am reminded of our mortality.  My grandfather took his final breath last night before leaving this world.  It is sad day for all of us.  He will be greatly missed.  It seems so strange.  After 93 years, he has gone on to better place where his body is no longer failing his mind like it was here on Earth.  And while this death is neither shocking nor unexpected, he will be mourned.  Of course, he also had a decent sense of humor, so I think he will forgive the fact that I also have a funny Molly story to share.  Thank God for children.  They can make us smile even on a bad day.

   While sitting at my computer, checking Facebook, I realize the children are running around the house like, their mother may have let them have ice cream for lunch...What can I say??  I am a sucker, it's my birthday, and I am having kind of a crappy day.  Ice cream for lunch sounded like a good plan, at the time...

  I glance over into the kitchen, because I hear the sound of furniture or something heavy being moved around.  I discover Molly, pushing the kitchen trashcan into the living room.  Seems odd enough.  Definitely sparks some concern and curiosity.  Why??  Why the trashcan??  Why does she need to move the trashcan??  As she slows to a stop, I hear her trot off to another room.  She is calling for someone.  And then I realize what she is trying to least I thought I did.  She is calling for Jerry, our old, decrepit cat.  I see her reenter the living room, carrying the cat triumphantly in her arms.  She looks at me and says, "Look Mommy, I caught Jerry."

    I am still unsure of why the trashcan needed to be moved until I hear it...The sound any cat makes when it is being forced into a box, carrier, or in this case, our kitchen trashcan.  As I scold my daughter and rescue our cat, I have to laugh as I am reminded that I may never completely understand what my daughter is thinking.  Poor cat.  Glad I was able to intervene before any blood was shed by either party involved.  At least it made me smile on relatively sad day.  RIP in Nant...I hope there is bowling in heaven :)  Say hi to Mommy and and Memaw for me.  It should be quite the family reunion up there today.  Till we meet again.


  1. Sorry about your grand dad... I have not lost a close family member yet so I can only imagine how rough that is...

    Happy birthday (probably late but oh well)

    1. Thanks. He was incredible man. It is sad to know he is gone, but hardly unanticipated. 93 years is a good, long run on this Earth. My mother was his only child, and I lost her when she was only 52 y/o. My grandmother died 6 months later. He was a strong man, and someone to look up to. Thanks again for the birthday wishes as well.