The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, December 17, 2012

The legend of Naked Bear continues...

   At the ripe age of 3.5y/o, Molly continues to misplace her clothing.  I really thought we would have outgrown this phase by now, but the nakedness continues.  Not only does she continue to strip in her bed, she feels the need to come into my room to wake me, and inform me that she is cold.  It always starts with that little "non whisper" of a toddler at the edge of my bed.  "Mommy...Mommy, wake up.  I cold."  I crack my eyelids just enough to squint in her general direction.  And sure enough, there she is, naked as a jaybird, attempting to climb into bed with me.  She always repeats, "Hey, Mommy.  I cold.  I sleep with you."  My question..."Where are your pajamas Molly?"  Her consistent response, to look down at her body, and realize that she is naked.  And then she says with sincere shock..."Oh...I no know Mommy.  I need a blanket.  Help me up."

      While I can appreciate getting hot in the middle of the night and stripping, I certainly did enough of that during pregnancy and nursing, I am left to wonder, how long can she actually continue to be surprised.  And also, when is she going to learn to keep the jammies close by??  I mean, she takes them off easily enough, she must be able to put them back on.  Of course, why limit the random stripping to bed time??

     She frequently runs into the room I am in, and has lost her clothes from the waist down.  Now, I know how this one usually happens.  Like so many toddlers, Molly feels the need to take all of her clothes off from the waist down to use the bathroom.  Sadly, she rarely feels the needs to put them back on before rejoining the rest of the household.  I have waited for as long as two hours before I have asked about her missing pants.  I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Just give her enough time to realize that she was in a bit of an "al fresco" situation.  Nothing...nada.  In fact, I asked her if she wanted to go outside and play, and she agreed.  Even without her pants.  She pranced right onto our front porch, naked from the waist down.  I, of course, quickly pointed out her infraction, and she again seemed surprised.  She also promptly accused me of not getting her dressed.  Go figure...

    So it shouldn't surprise me at all that she has started to get lazy in public places. Like preschool for instance.  Her teacher reported that she was so anxious to get back to story time, that she came out to the circle with her pants around her ankles.  Leave it to my daughter to flash the whole classroom, oblivious to her classmates and teachers.  Today, I looked over just in time to see her struggling to get out of her pants in the middle of Monkey Joes.  We had full cheek exposure before I could stop her.  I asked her if she needed to go potty.  Her response "Oh...yes mommy, I need to go peepee."  Me "Why didn't you go to the bathroom first Molly??"  Molly "Oh, I no know Mommy..."  Really??  The girl is pretty bright...I mean, I know I am partial and all, but this seems like such a simple thing.  Perhaps she has no modesty??  Maybe she really is oblivious??  I know she lives in "Molly World" most of the time.  Maybe "Molly World" is a lot like one of those Hedonism resorts...Anyway.  I guess I just continue to redress the girl, correct the inappropriate behavior, and move on.  As for the bed time nakedness, I may just pick my battles.  I mean, lots of people sleep in the buff, right??  It might make for some slightly awkward Christmas morning pictures...

  PS...I just walked by her room, and her jammies are wadded up on the floor.  The child is naked again.  Maybe I should just turn the heat up to try to keep her warm enough? Of course, then I might feel the need to strip in the middle of the night.  I wonder where she gets these crazy ideas?

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