The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Doctor Mommy, Come quick!!"

  So one of Molly's Christmas gifts from Santa was a doll with a doctor's kit included.  Molly loves it, and lately, I have been helping her triage all of the baby dolls in her room.  Of course, this can take some time.  She makes up different diagnoses for each doll.  Nothing too complex, but some have tummy aches, some have ear aches.  You get the picture.  I am Dr. Mommy.  This is what she calls me.

   This morning, it came as no surprise when she called into the hallway,

Molly "Dr. Mommy, come quick.  The babies are all sick..."
Me "Oh no, what's wrong Molly?"
Molly "No! Not Molly...Dr. Molly."
Me "Oh, I see...What is wrong with the babies Dr. Molly??"
Molly "They all have germs in their bellies.  They keep throwing up."
Me "Oh no, that is quite the problem Dr. Molly."
Molly "Yes, I need your help Dr. Mommy."
Me "We might need a nurse as well...Sounds like this could get messy."
Molly "Yes, can you find a nurse Dr. Mommy?"

    Maybe all of that Grey's Anatomy I watched while she was in utero actually seeped into her little brain??  She sounded like she was straight off a medical drama.  I had to laugh.  I wonder if I will have to call her Doctor all day??

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