The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well...Now I understand...

    As my daughter continues to get older and more verbal, some of her mysterious behaviors are starting to make more sense.  Not because they are any less strange or odd, but because she can finally talk enough to partially explain herself.

    Today, for example, Molly appeared in the living room, sans skirt.  She at least had her tights and panties still on, but was seemingly unaware that she had reappeared with half of her clothing missing.  I asked her about the location of her missing skirt and she simply replied, "Oh, I went peepee..."  It is all so much clearer now.  I suppose it was too much work and effort to get redressed after the potty trip.  I asked her to put on the skirt, and she very politely refused.

Molly "No thank you...I don't want to put it back on..."
Me "Well...OK, but if we decide to leave the house, or anyone else comes over, you have to put your skirt back on."

   I consider it a small triumph that she is still wearing her T-shirt and tights.  Later that afternoon, I pass Molly sitting on the potty in my bathroom.  I was slightly surprised to see her back there, and she could tell.  She quickly explained, "Oh Mommy, I had to poop."  I reassured her that it was fine, and told her to call me if she needed help wiping (dear God, the things we do as parents, but I would rather do that than deal with the disgusting skid marks).  A few short minutes later, Molly was standing next to me with nothing on from the waist down.  She handed me her tights and her panties, and ran off in the opposite direction.  I called her back over to where I was sitting, holding her undergarments in my hand.

Me "Molly, let's put your panties and tights back on, at least."
Molly "No Thank You..."
Me "Come on Molly, we need to put something back on, maybe some different pants or a different skirt."
Molly "Ummmm, nope.  It's all itchy (waving her hand in the general vicinity of her girl parts). It needs some air..."
Me "Well, alrighty then...Perhaps we should consider a bath as well."
Molly "Maybe later." (streaks off down the hallway to continue playing)

   Hard to argue with the girl.  Tights and pantyhose are pretty itchy and confining.  I guess she just likes to let "it" breathe.  Now we know.  Of course, when retelling this story to Sandra, she was quick to point out she heard it somewhere.  She asked me if I ever said that to Molly, maybe when she was wearing diapers, and had a rash.  I don't think so...and I am almost positive she came up with the fanning of the girl parts all on her own.  I know I have never done that, well, not while anyone was watching :)

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