The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Sunday, June 2, 2013

"What kind of parades do you take her to??"

   As I drive home from work this evening, I get a call from the husband.  Not unusual in itself, but the conversation that occurs kind of was.  It went some thing like this...

Mike "So, earlier I asked the kids to come to the kitchen for dinner.  I told them wash their hands, and then come to the table."
Me "OK..."(sounds pretty normal to me, not sure where he is going with this)
Mike "Well, Molly came out with wet, clean hands..."
Me (still not seeing the problem) "Good?? Isn't that what you wanted?"
Mike "She was also completely naked..."
Me "Ahhh, yeah, that happens a lot."
Mike "I know, but I thought I would ask her why this time."
Me "Well, what did she have to say?"
Mike "She said that the stuffed animals were having a parade, and you always have to be naked for a parade..."
Me "Huh??  That is odd even for her."
Mike "So I went back there, and sure enough, all of the stuffed animals were lined up for a parade."
Me "OK..."
Mike "My only question is, what kind of parades do you take them to?"
Me "Well, certainly not naked parades, I got nothin on this one babe.  No idea."
Mike "Where would she get an idea like that??  Has she seen a PRIDE parade?  I mean, I know there are "naked" parades, but it is hardly the norm."
Me "Who knows?  The girl just prefers to be naked.  Why not for a parade??"

   Something tells me this one is going to be challenging as a teenager...

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