The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I not pretty, mommy....

  "I not pretty Mommy"...Words you never want to hear come out of your daughter's mouth, but that they did yesterday morning.  A horrible sense of panic set over me.  Where have I gone wrong?  What did I do?  What can I do to fix it?  She already has self esteem issues??  How does she not know she is the most beautiful girl in the world?  Well, let me set the stage for this conversation with my 3 y/o daughter.  I am standing at the sink in the bathroom, attempting to tame my hair into something that can be seen in public.

Molly "What are you doing Mommy?"
Me "Just trying to brush my hair so that Mommy looks pretty.  Now I need to brush your hair, so that you look pretty."
Molly  "No Mommy, I not pretty."
(Audible sound of my heart breaking while I simultaneously gasp)
Me "Yes you are sweet girl.  You are a very pretty girl."
Molly  "No, I not a pretty girl."
(I may have been near tears at this point while hugging my daughter)
Me "Yes, you are the most beautiful girl in the world."
Molly  "No, I not a pretty girl..." (Cue silly Molly grin from ear to ear) "I am a Pretty Princess, not a pretty girl..."
Me  (laughing, and hugging my sweet girl in relief) "OK, You are officially the prettiest princess of this house."

   You can't imagine how relieved I was to discover that this was far from a self esteem issue.  Of course, now I may need to work on taming her ego down just a notch...I mean, I know she is my princess, but she may become quite distressed when the rest of the world doesn't treat her this way.

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