The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I know, I I took the summer off. What can I say??

   These are my first posts in FOREVER...I can't believe how long I let it slide.  It's not like I haven't had things to say.  Tons of funny things have happened...of course, so has life, and it has kind of been rough this summer.  This mommy has been perpetually worn out.  My sweet Bear has been so sick all summer.  He had 5 positive Strep tests in less than 12 weeks.  So between an all you can eat buffet of antibiotics and fevers, we have been kind of off the radar.  We finished with a grand finale of having our tonsils and adnoids removed two weeks before school started.  Nothing like two weeks of post op recovery to finish off the summer.  We never made it anywhere for a vacation.  Never made it to the beach.  We barely made it into the pool between the illness and all of the rain...Dear God, the rain...
     Oh and of course, there was the idiot teenager that plowed into the rear end of our SUV while I was stopped at a light.  Wait, it gets better.  Not only did the kid admit he didn't realize we were stopped, he admitted to going 70 mph on a surface road...with lights.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that I was following Mike home since he had driven up separately for our evening out, and we were both stopped at said light, and then I hit Mike when the idiot hit me.  Oh, and both kids were in the car with me.  Awesome...We spent the next month car pooling and shopping for a new vehicle.  Also torture BTW.  There were days when I spent 4-5 hours in the car with the kids just driving everyone where they needed to go.  I was forever grateful when we finally found a van.

     The good news is that everyone is OK.  Despite the accidents, torrential rain, lack of summer fun, surgery, and school already being back in session.  Colin is still sweet and snuggly.  Molly is still wild and crazy with the best smile ever and still has a tendency towards being naked if you aren't watching her closely.  Speaking of.  She just casually walked into the kitchen and announced, "Mommy, do not go into your room.  You don't want to see what is in there."  I am sure she is right, but I better go see what she was up to while I have been writing.  God knows what that little one has done now...

  Despite the illness etc...we have managed to have some summer fun.  And here are some photos to prove it :)
Molly and our friend Josh on the Giant Ferris Wheel downtown

Colin and Molly 4th of Jul;y 2013

Colin at the Butterfly Festival

Colin at the Tellus Museum

Molly the Butterfly

Splash Pad fun

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