The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Florida is a very long state...

   After a few weeks back in Atlanta, it was already time to hit the road with the kiddos yet again.  This time, destination, Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  The Bryan side of the family was having a reunion, and who doesn't love a great beach location.  Even better, Mike's Uncle Chuck had opened his own restaurant right at the shore, and we were all staying at a beachfront hotel right across the street.  Paradise, that is if we can survive the ten plus hours in the car with the kids.

    We hit the road much earlier than usual for us.  That means around 8 AM.  Yes, I know this isn't early for most people, but we rarely hit the road before 10 AM...Even when we try really hard, it never seems to happen.  Honestly, things went pretty well.  God bless Dora, Elmo, Blue's Clues, and Tangled for helping us survive.  I had forgotten just how long Florida actually is.  We seemed to zip through Georgia, but then we hit a strange wrinkle in time.  It seemed as if we would never reach our destination.

    Finally, after many pee breaks, food stops, and even stops just to get out of the car, we finally reached our hotel.  We check in to our room, and I am pleasantly surprised by the small kitchen and fridge that I discover.  As all mommies know, a fridge is a survival must with little ones.  I am already plotting my grocery trip for milk and juice and other toddler staples.  Oh...and some beer might be nice as well. It seems my husband had other plans for our super awesome fridge.  Leave it to mommy to think about milk and yogurt, and daddy to think about stocking it with beer. The beach is just a few feet from our doorstep, and the pools are directly in front of us as well.  The kids start to chant "Beach, Beach, Beach" even before we find out our plans for the evening.  We meet our family across the street for a fabulous meal at Uncle Chuck's restaurant.  Chuck is finally living his dream, and we were all there to support him in this adventure.  Check out Chuck's Last Stop if you are ever in Fort Myers Beach.  I think I gained 10 pounds over the weekend, but ti was so worth it.

    It was so nice to have so many extra hands around to help with the kids.  Our family is so far away from everyone.  Mike and I are on our own as far as childcare is concerned.  People were jumping to help with the kids at the pool and in the restaurant.  For once, I didn't have to chase the whirling dervish that is Molly, all over the place.  The kids started the summer very timid around water.  It was almost like they had never been in the water before.  By the time our long weekend at the beach was complete, the children were jumping into the pool, albeit with floaties on, but jumping in and letting their heads go under water.  I was shocked, but proud.  My sweet babies are growing up.  I was actually able to enjoy a few glasses of wine, and relax a little while at the beach.  Highly unusual for a mommy vacation, but a wonderful surprise.

My morning coffee view.  I could get used to this :)
Molly, Keeper of the pool shower.  She was fascinated with turning it off and on.  She even ran to turn it on for other people.  Hilarious, and it kept her entertained for a few hours

Water Babies

Colin swimming with just arm floaties.  I am still so proud of  my super timid boy :)

Ice cream bribery about 9 hours into our drive home

Molly in a food coma.  "Yummy, ice cream good..."
    After a few short days, the family headed back north for Atlanta.  I am positive that Georgia was actually moving further north the entire time.  We were far from ready to leave our little vacation, but we were more than ready to be home by the time we finally arrived in our driveway.  No Code Browns, a few major and minor meltdowns, but we all survived, and we even managed to have some fun on both vacations this summer.  I think the kids are finally getting old enough to make traveling a little easier.  I predict not even a pull up or a wipe will be needed for our next family road trip.  OK...the wipes will still be needed.  Those things fix so many problems.  I may still have them in the house long after the kids are gone.  Now, for a few pictures.

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