The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pregnancy overtime...

   My friend is a week past her due date.  We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little baby.  I am  sure Wendy is by far the most ready for the little one to make their appearance.  We have met a couple of times this week already for a play dates, and I have inquired "Anything going on?? Any contractions at all?"  Her response..."Nothing...nada."  How can she be so patient?  I work in the field.  Hardly anyone waits to go into to labor these days.  Everybody gets induced.  I am proud and impressed as she patiently waits on Mother Nature to kick in.  This girl rocked a natural labor last time, and I am sure it will happen again soon.  Until then, we have some time to hang out and wait.

    We met at the mall today for a little "walk the baby out" time.  Actually, it was really just to go get lunch, and let our kids play in the air conditioned comfort of the mall padded playground.  There was very little walking involved, not that I can blame her.  I never made it past 37 weeks myself.  I have no idea what it feels like to be 41 weeks July, but it can safely be said I would have already served that baby some eviction papers.

    Wendy and I have known each other roughly since middle school.  We grew up in a small town.  Our parents were friends, both of our fathers were Navy guys, and our mothers sang in the church choir behind us.  Mrs. Young had understood permission from my mother to pop me in the back of the head if she saw us talking during church, and that happened frequently.  Wendy and I are both "talkers."
I can remember asking my mother if Wendy could spend the night, and she would sigh.  When I asked her what was wrong, she would simply say, "She just talks SO much."  Quickly, I would step in to defend my friend.  "Wendy doesn't talk any more than I do..."  My mother would reply, "Yes, but I made you, I have to listen to you...I don't have to listen to two of you."  I laugh now looking back on it, because even my husband can get overwhelmed when I get together with my other girlfriends that love to talk.  I also sigh, and wonder if my mother is looking down on us as we continue to chat in our 30's while our children play together.  I hope so :)  She is probably amazed that we are STILL talking, and wondering when we will run out of things to say...

    Today, Wendy's mother joined us at the mall.  Mrs. Young is also stalking this sweet baby, and waiting on its arrival.  I love the fact that we have known each other for 20 years, and that her mother remembers both of us as kids ourselves.  Part of me was slightly jealous today as I watched my incredibly pregnant friend sit with her mother and joke about this stubborn baby.  I wish I had been able to spend those long days on bedrest with my mommy at my side.  I know she was there with me in spirit...and I know my friend wishes her father was here to meet his grandchildren.  Both of us are bonded in friendship, but also by the premature death of a parent.  It is times like childbirth and other life changing events that can make the pain feel fresh all over again.  But, the three of us hung out, laughing at the kids, making bets on when Wendy will deliver, and laughing at my crazy children.  As always, it isn't a complete blog post without a silly story about my kids.

   Colin is getting more and more curious, and even more aware of the world around him.  I have explained briefly about babies in mommy's tummies, but Colin was staring at Wendy's belly.  He looked at it...cocked his head to one side like a puppy, and continued to stare.  I finally decided to ask him some questions, and see if he had any for me.

Me  "Colin, what's up?  Did you want to ask me anything?"
Colin  "Why is her tummy like that?"
Me  "We have talked about this, Ms. Wendy has a baby in her tummy.  It should come out very soon.  At least, we hope it will."
Colin " OK..." (still staring and reaching out to touch her belly)
Me  "It's OK bud, she probably doesn't mind if you touch her belly"

He reaches out, touches her belly and starts to laugh

Me  "I know, it is pretty cool, right?"
Colin  "Do you have a baby in your belly mommy?"
Me  "Nope, no baby in here."
Colin  "Do all girls have babies in their bellies?"
Me  "No, just some do."

He leans over, looks at her belly, stares, and then leans over further and stares between her legs.  We all start to giggle because we know what is coming next...

Colin (While staring between her legs)  "Mommy, how do the babies come out of there?"

Oh boy...

Colin "Do babies come out of your bottom?"
Me  "Well...kind of.  Sometimes they do, and sometimes doctors have to make a cut in the mommy's belly, and take the baby out.  That is how you and your sister got here."
Colin  "hmmm...OK. (Leans back over and looks one more time, I guess just to make sure it wasn't going to come out right there in the mall play ground)

     Mrs. Young giggles and says, "Perhaps a possible career option for the little guy??"  I suppose I could see him being an OB...In the mean time, I hope he doesn't ask how the babies get IN their mommy's bellies. That is a completely different question that I am just simply not ready to address.  Until then, I am sending positive labor vibes to my friend and hoping this baby sees fit to join us on the outside some time the next 12-24 hrs...fingers crossed Wendy.  Or I might just start misting pitocin in her bedroom window while she sleeps...

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