The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, July 26, 2012

one more cup of coffee...I can do this, maybe two more cups??

   Oh the money I would pay for my sweet children to take a nap...Not just a nap, but maybe two weeks straight of napping everyday for two hours.  I miss those days so much.  I would kill for a nap around 3-4pm.  Instead, I settle for a cup of coffee, and occasionally enforced quiet time.  Molly used to doze off in the afternoon no matter what, but these days, not so much.  In fact, if they both fell asleep, I would probably go check the carbon monoxide detector...after I caught a quick nap myself, of course :)  I have stopped fighting the issue, sadly.  If by some minor miracle they do take a nap, bedtime becomes a nightmare.  And while I love my daytime naps, my nighttime sleep is much more precious. I knew this day would come, but I am still mourning the loss of a 90-120 minutes of quiet time.  It was a break, a welcome respite from the noisy insanity that is my life.  But like so many things about parenthood, they were fleeting moments.  I guess all good things must come to an end.  I suppose slipping Benadryl in their afternoon sippy cups is frowned upon, so I will continue to prop my eyelids open from 4-6 pm, and acceptably drugging myself with caffeine.

   As far as the rest of my life if going, PottyGate continues.  Molly has been sans Pull Ups in public now for over a week.  We have been to the zoo, Monkey Joes, and several stores successfully accident free.  She has yet to tell me she needs to pee while wearing any kind of underwear, but will go with prompting.  She does great going on her own at home, but only without underwear.  For this reason, we are continuing our "al fresco" situation at home.  She is fighting pulling up and down her own panties.  She tells me "I don't know how."  This coming from the girl who has been long nicknamed "Stripper Bear."  If there is anything she has been able to do for a long time, it is take off her clothes.  She did have her "pee and run" in Target, and she pooped in Wal Mart the other day, but she has done well since then.  One distressing thing...pooping in her underwear does not stress her out at all.  Doesn't seem to care in the slightest.  I left her in the icky panties until we could get to the car, and she never even told me she had pooped.  The power struggle continues on a daily basis, but I stand by the fact that most kids don't go to kindergarten wearing Pull Ups.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.   Colin has been out of his Pull Ups at night for 4 days without any accidents.  Hallelujah!!  I can hardly believe it.  I may actually have two potty trained kids in my home in the very near future.

   As far as the weight loss is concerned, the battle continues as well.  I have started using an app called "My Fitness Pal" to track my calories, etc.  You can even scan the barcode of whatever you are about to put in your mouth, and it pulls up all of the nutrition information.  I suppose the novelty might help me stick to using it.  I have started measuring serving sizes, and I continue to go to the gym, however the scale continues to hover at 154.  I hate that scale...I want to buy a new one just to see if it is broken.  Of course, it seems to work for my husband, so I can only assume it is completely functional, and I am completely hopeless at losing weight.  Off to make some dinner for my family, and have yet another salad for myself.  Dieting SUCKS!!  There, I said it...I feel a little better now :)  I would feel even better if the scale went down to prove all of my hard work.


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