The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When I turn 16...

   This evening, we were headed to the mall to pick up some contacts for me.  Colin of course wanted to know where and why we were going.  Molly was just along for the ride.  Our conversation went something like this...
Colin  "Mommy, where are we going?"
Me  "We are headed to a store to go and buy contact lenses for mommy"
Colin  "Why?"
Me  "Well, Mommy can't see without them, and she is almost out of contacts."
Colin  "Oh...can you see right now?  Because, maybe you shouldn't be driving..."
Me  "Yes bud, I have contacts in right now, but I will be out soon."
Colin "Maybe you should have worn your glasses."
Me  "I promise, I can see little dude."
Colin  "OK, Mommy, I need a snuggle."
Me  "I'm sorry, Mommy is driving right now, so I can't give you a hug"
Colin  "I can't reach me.You could if I sat up there(points to the passenger seat)"
Me  "Well you have to be a big boy to sit up here, little boys sit in the back."
Colin  "Well, when I am sixteen, I am going to sit there(points to the driver seat) and you can sit there(points to the passenger seat), and then you can give me a snuggle"
Me  "Awww...thanks little dude.  Of course I will snuggle you, but something tells me I will be the last person you will want to snuggle in the car with at that age. If not, we are really going to have to look into cutting that cord...And on another note, how in the world do you know you get to drive at 16??"
   That little dude is always surprising me.  Smart, and he loves his mommy...some girl is going to hate me one day...


  1. Hi Heidi,

    Love this! I like when he says "If you can't see, maybe you should not be driving." Ha!


    1. I know, that kid is hilarious without even trying :) You should check out the previous post about my coffee pot dying. Has a bit about a "pee and run" situation at Target that I am sure you could appreciate :)

  2. Too funny, unfortunately also too close to home since mine is currently studying for her learner's permit. You would not believe the rigamarole tha the governement requires at this point for a dl. The first step is Notarized attendance forms which have be obtained from the high school. Today, I am reviewing the Joshua's Law to see what other travesties are required by the government.