The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The girl child...I have angered her

    The girl child...I have angered her.  This was the simple thought that crossed my mind as I attempted to please my youngest this morning.  Molly was not happy.  It all started with such a small thing.  She only goes to school MWF, and Colin goes M-F.  She does not like this all.  She should be where ever Colin is, no matter what.  Well, perhaps the doctor's office would be an exception.

    Every morning, my daughter proves she is more like me every day.  She is pleasant enough in the morning, if she wakes up on her own.  That is a very big "if."  So this morning, since it was a Thursday, I thought I would save myself the drama and trouble of getting Princess Grumpy Pants dressed.  I was only running Colin up to the school, and I would be right back, so I made the decision to leave her with daddy.  Molly sensed a disturbance in the Force.  Despite her overwhelming desire to stay in bed, Mommy and Colin leaving without her was simply not an option.  She clung to my pants as I was attempting to leave the house, crying dramatically "No Mommy, I go to school too.  No, I need my red bag.  I go with you and Colin."  I beg Mike to peel the parasite off my leg, but I realize quickly the effort will be futile.  I grab my bed head daughter who is still in her jammies and no shoes, and load her into the car.  By this time, I am running very late, and I am praying that will not have to complete the "Mommy Walk of Shame" in my lounge clothes with my shoeless 3 y/o on my hip in her PJ's.  I prayed the prayer I pray most mornings, "Dear Lord, get us to school safely, quickly, and before the car pool line shuts down. Amen."

    It is a simple prayer, but some mornings, the green cones give me the proverbial finger, and I have to hop out, and walk both children inside.  By some minor miracle, the car pool line was still in motion as I pulled into the church.  During the entire trip to school, Molly seemed to become aware of her current state, and the questions began.  "Mommy, where are my shoes??  Mommy, where are my clothes??   Mommy, I still need my red bag."  It was as if she was simply thinking..."Hey Lady, you are slacking off on the job.  What were you thinking letting me leave like this?" I truly believe this child would like to lodge a complaint with the manager about the service in this joint at times.  Sadly, she would be disappointed that the manager would still be me. Some days, I feel like a glorified barista. Both kids, sitting at the kitchen island, waiting on their mocha lattes, hold the coffee. I had to laugh.  Her final question, "Where are we going? I need clothes."  I reassured her we were headed home to do just that.  Of course, this was not before the director of the preschool stuck her head in my window to tell me how cute Molly was in class yesterday...So close, and yet so far.  I am sure I am not the first mommy to drive through the car pool line with her kids in jammies.

      The temper tantrums continued off and on all morning.  The start of the day seemed to set the tone for the remainder of the day.  I simply can not handle the whining all day, so I try to think like Molly, which actually means, think like me :)  What do I want when I am having a bad day??  So I let her have ice cream for breakfast.  Things started to improve from that moment on.  It is the simple things in life at times...

   On a completely different note, we finally put up the bunk beds for the kids.  They have slept in them for the last two nights without drama or injury.  Fingers crossed that it continues.  I am somewhere between wanting to cry and celebrate that the toddler beds are gone, and the children are finally potty trained.  No babies in this house anymore.  No more crib sheets, no more diapers.  It is a huge milestone for me for some reason.  Some one smack me before I start thinking I need another one...Oh, and if you thought changing a crib sheet was a pain, try the top bunk when you are only 5'2".  Colin of course wet the bed last night, and I got to experience the joy of changing the top bunk.  Lucky for Molly, I remembered the waterproof mattress covers.