The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, September 3, 2012

What is that smell??

   What is that smell???  A common question in a house with two toddlers and pets, so as I was sitting at my laptop this morning, it was no surprise as this question crossed my mind.  I wrinkled my nose, and I started the "dog sniff" technique of locating the origination of the foul stench.  My son walked up to give me a hug, and as an experienced mommy does, you start with the usual suspects.

Me "Colin, did you poop in your pants?"
Colin "No Mommy, I  didn't..."
(I pull his underwear and shorts away from his backside, and take a quick peak)
Me "Sorry dude, all clear."

   On to the next possible offender...

Me "Hey Molly, can you come here for a minute."
Molly "Ok Mommy." (trots over happily)
Me "Molly, did you poop in your underwears?"
Molly (highly offended, although, considering the number of previous transgressions, I am not sure how she could be) "No Mommy, I didn't"
 Proceed with the official "mommy pants check."
Molly "Hey, I SAID I didn't."
Me "OK Miss Sassy Pants, you are in the clear as well."

   My mind begins to consider further possibilities.  I wander over to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee.  Mike sits down at the computer.

Mike "What is that smell??  Did the dog crap somewhere?"
Me "No idea, I thought it might be the kids, but they are both clear."
Mike "Huh..."
Me "Take the trash out, see if that helps."

   We both decide the smell improves with the removal of the trash, and I head to our room for some TV.  I sadly have had both a Vitatop Muffin Top and mexican food in the last 24 hours, and I have horrible gas.  I lay down on our bed, and Colin climbs up to snuggle.  For some reason, he decides to use my butt as a pillow.  After a few minutes, a SBD(Silent but Deadly) fart escapes from the region Colin has sadly chosen as a pillow.  He sits up, wrinkles his nose, and asks me the same question.

Colin "Mommy, what is that smell??"
Me "Oh, sorry bud, Mommy has gas in her tummy."
(He lifts the waistband of my pajama pants, and checks my underwear...)
Colin "Nope, no poop.  Good job Mommy."

   I suppose I deserve that one...

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