The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, January 10, 2013

D@#$ you, smart phones...

   So, the other day, I picked up Colin from preschool.  I asked him how his day had gone, and he said "Fine."  Probably the answer I can expect for the next 13 years or so.  Of course, then he started chattering away...about Barack Obama.  Seemed odd, but I was willing to listen.

Colin "Hey Mommy, did you know that Barack Obama is 51 years old?"
Me "Ummm, sure, that sounds about right. I guess so."
Colin  "Barack Obama is from the island of Hawaii."
Me "Yep, yes he is little dude."
Colin  "He likes to play basketball, and he has two little girls."
Me "Yes, he does.  Where did you hear all of this?  Did you talk about it in school today?
Colin "Nope...I just know this stuff."
Me "Well, alrighty then."

   As I sit and doubt my own intelligence, I begin to wonder where he heard all of these facts.  I wondered if Mike had been working with him over the weekend.  I asked Mike when he got home later...

Me "So, did you work with Colin on the presidents this weekend?"
Mike "Yeah, a little, why?"
Me "Well I was just curious how he knew how old the president is, where he was from, etc..."
Mike "Not specifically, but even Colin knows how to do this." (Holds up his smart phone, and speaks into it) "How old is Barack Obama?"  The phone responds "51 years old"  (Mike laughs) "He probably just asked it a bunch of questions about Obama over the weekend."
Me "Ahhh, I see.  Now I feel a little better. Of course, I still feel bad for having no idea how old the president actually is."

    I have been out smarted by a smart phone...Holy Cow.  This is such a different world that our kids live in. Who needs an encyclopedia or a history text book??  You can just ask Google or Siri.

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