The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Molly's adventure with a massage pillow...

   No worries people, this is a totally "G" rated post.  This morning, Molly found my shoulder massage pillow on the floor.  She turned it on, and stared.  First, she just watched the little things spin around.  She touched them, and laughed, and then the questions started.

Molly "Mommy, what is this?"
Me "Well, it is a pillow that helps Mommy's back feel better."
Molly "How?"
Me "Well, you put it behind you back, and the little things rub your back and make it feel better."
Molly "Ohhhh..." (continues to stare at the pillow)  "Mommy, what is that noise?"
Me "It is the motor that makes the things spin around.  It only makes that noise when it is on."
Molly (continuing to stare at the little pillow.  She picks it up, puts it back on the ground) "So it goes on your back Mommy??"
Me "Yes, it goes behind your back."

   I look over to see Molly sitting on top of the massage pillow and giggling...

Molly "Like this Mommy?  This tickles..."
Me (snickering) "Not exactly, but that might work for relaxation as well..."

   I helped her put the pillow in the chair, and scooted her all the way back so that it was rubbing on her back.  I showed her the correct way to use the pillow.  Of course, I will not be surprised if I return to find her sitting on top of it again :) Kids are hilarious.

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