The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I may need a new blender...

   Murphy's Law...I wish I could find out who this Murphy guy is, and perhaps kick him in the boy parts...hard. Our Camry started leaking a rainbow of fluids on our garage floor this weekend.  Fabulous, right?  So it is at the repair shop, and that means I get to drive everyone everywhere for the next couple of days.  Yay...Anyway.  So I took Colin to school, swung back by the house, and picked up Mike and Molly.  Now to treck all the way into Perimeter to take Mike to work.

    Molly was strangely quiet considering she had both parents to herself as a captive audience.  I was more than a little concerned.  We were getting close to Mike's work when I finally asked her if she was OK.  Her response, "No mommy, I sick.  My tummy hurts."  Uggghhhh...She is car sick.  It has been several months since we have had a car puking incident.  I reach back into the back seat, grab her dolls and her blanket out of her lap.  "Mommy, I going to throw up..."  Two second warning...well crap.  No bags, no cups, nothing.  I looked over into my husbands lap.  There it sits.  For some reason, when he makes his morning smoothie, he just leaves it in the blender pitcher.  He figures why dirty another cup.  As annoying as I have found this in the past, today I was grateful.  I grab the pitcher out of his hand, and pass it back to our pukey daughter just in time.

   As Molly hurls into the pitcher, we can't stop laughing.  Mike says "You know, I wasn't even done with that..."  I said "Well, you are now."  We continue to laugh, until our poor daughter speaks up from the back seat, "Hey...why are you laughing??  I think I am done."  She hands me the pitcher full of vomit, and I continue to giggle as I hand it to my cringing husband.  "Hey Babe, it is better than puking all over her car seat..." I don't think he agrees.  Maybe I should pick up a new blender for him this afternoon??

   As Molly and I pulled away from Mike's building, she asked me "Hey Mommy, what is that smell?"
I asked her what it smelled like, she said "Throw up..."  I told her she was probably right.  Now to scrub and soak our blender...

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