The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Saturday, May 19, 2012

anatomy lesson, part two

   So, this evening, I discovered that Colin had what appeared to be an entire sandbox in his hair.  I knew this was going to take some serious hair washing to get it out.  Colin hates having his hair washed, so this was going to take a little extra work on my part.  He voluntarily entered the shower, but he was avoiding the water stream with his head.  I had just left work, and decided that I could use a shower as well.  Just for good measure and good times, Molly joined us.  Thank goodness for huge showers.  I lathered both children from head to toe, lathered myself, and we all rinsed off.  Colin and Molly take a seat on the bath mat, and proceed to watch me get dried off.  And the lesson begins...
Colin "Mommy, do you pee pee out of your butt?"
Me "I'm sorry, what?"
Colin "You and Molly have butt pee pees, I have a different pee pee, like Daddy."
Molly "yeah, butt pee pee." giggles follow
Me "well...Mommy and Molly have inside pee pees, and you and Daddy have outside pee pees.  Girls and boys have different parts, and you and Daddy are boys, and Molly and I are girls."
Colin "oh...why?"
Me "well...because God made us that way."
Colin and Molly "oh....ok."
Colin "Mommy, girls have boobies too, right?"
Molly "yeah girls have boobies." more giggles
Me "well, yes.  Girls do have boobies as well."
Colin "why do you have boobies?"
Me "Girls have boobies so they can feed their babies when they are small.  Mommies make milk like cows, and babies drink the milk so that they can grow."
Colin " baby Shelby and baby Avery and baby Quinn.  Do they drink milk from their mommies boobies?"
Me "yes, that is exactly right. And when the babies get big like you and Molly, mommies stop making milk, and then boobies are just...there for decoration."
Colin "hmmm...ok.  Boobies are squishy."
Me "yes, yes they are."
Colin "I like chocolate milk...can boobies make chocolate milk?"
Me "nope, nope they can't bud...why don't we all get in our pjs, and have story time.  I think our anatomy lesson is done for the evening...


  1. Haha probably a good thing you cut that one short!

    1. no kidding, right?? It was already a lot more than I was planning on discussing that evening :) Kids are hilarious and unpredictable