The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Designated Parent...

  I think all parents will recognize this title, whether you have actually used the words or not.  The DP, or Designated Parent, is the parent that gets stuck being the "grown up" for the evening, and just like the DD, you must stay sober enough to drive and parent the children.  Despite the fact that I think I should have earned extra credit for pregnancies and nursing, I still seem to lose this battle.  Perhaps because I really generally could care less about drinking heavily.  I have outgrown that phase of my life.  I have entered the phase that involves an occasional adult beverage to take the edge off the day, but I have absolutely no desire to drink to excess anymore. In fact, a half glass of wine with a little Unisom sounds fabulous by the end of my day. The last time I did have too much, I realized I was still up with the kids, even though Mike knew I was more than a little tipsy.  He fell asleep, and as always, he is incredibly difficult to wake.  There I sat, feeling horribly intoxicated, and attempting to comfort my children.  I think that moment was when I realized that I will always volunteer to be the DP from now on.  No rock, paper, scissors needed.  I will just stop after one, possibly two, if we are at home...Funny how life can change so much with the addition of two small people.  Kids...the reason we all want to drink as parents, but also the reason we can't drink much at all anymore.

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