The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, May 10, 2012

whining...the exact pitch to recognize your child, or perhaps cause a brain bleed

  For the last two days, I have had a horrible, dull headache.  It has caused nausea, aggravation, and nothing seems to be making it go away.  I went to sleep last night with it, and my friend/enemy was there when I woke up this morning.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with my sinuses and stuffy nose, but nothing seems to help.  It is for this reason that I began to wonder something I have wondered before.  Is a child's whine set at the perfect pitch for us to recognize our child is in trouble, or possibly to cause a small brain bleed?  Today, I am prone to believe the latter.  Molly has been whining all day about something, and I have no idea about what.  In fact, I am pretty sure she has no idea what she is whining about either.  All I know, is that it seems to be the most horrible sound that has ever been made, at least today that is...I am sure evolution is involved with this.  Like a momma alligator, she can tell her baby's call from all of the other gators.  I am sure we have evolved to the point that the sound of our child's distress is unique, and we are programmed to respond, and respond quickly.  God made this particular sound, crying and whining especially, so annoying that we would need to make it stop.  As a mother, your child being unhappy is very unsettling, but some days it would be nice if they simply forgot how to whine.  I know, I know...I have years and years of this ahead of me.  In fact, I am positive that teenage whining has to be worse.  But at least when they are in their teens, I will be able to explain that mommy has a headache, and then threaten their lives and driving privileges if they bother me.  Until then, I am stuck with taking mass quantities of ibuprofen and sinus meds, and hoping that closing my eyes while watching a Curious George movie will be enough to take the edge off this headache.


  1. You might as well begin every prayer, "Mother Dear, I beg your forgiveness for all the times my whining caused you pain and unnecessary discomfort, and beg you to remove the curse of having a child who may, in some few and insignificant ways, resemble, although only indirectly, some of the attributes which I may have exhibited, on very bad days, as a child..." Because, this, dear Heidi, is the mother's curse brought to life! ;)

    1. so true...your prayer is kind of like an odd twist on the "Hail Mary", but I promise you, it has been uttered by my lips many times already :)