The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Mommy has boobies!!!

  I had to take the kiddos in with me to the hospital on Monday.  I was working, and Mike was going to stop by before 3pm, and pick up the kids.  We went down to the locker room together, changed into my scrubs, and headed back upstairs to wait on daddy.  We walked around and visited a few of the nurses stations while we waited.  Colin walked up to a group of my coworkers, and said.
"This is my mommy, her name is Heidi Bryan.  My mommy has boobies."
Luckily, my coworkers have a sense of humor, and they seemed to think it was hilarious.  Actually, it was pretty hilarious.  I explained that we had a recent anatomy discussion, and they all smiled and nodded with complete understanding.  Besides, it was a group of labor and delivery nurses.  We are a pretty difficult crowd to embarrass. Later, I found myself explaining that babies don't come out of boobies, they just use them to eat...this kid is going to keep me on my toes.  He still hasn't asked much about what I do.  He knows that I am a nurse, and that I help mommies get the babies out of their tummies.  Mike pointed out that might even be too much information.  He may have a point.  I am not sure I am ready to explain HOW the babies get out of their mommy's bellies, or even better yet, I know I am not ready to explain how the babies get into their mommy's bellies.  I guess I will just wait and see what he asks next :)


  1. I suggest you make sure you have a good copy of Walt Disney's "Dumbo", and you play it regularly! That stork delivery part certainly had our kids thinking they need not ask questions, since they already knew it all...

    1. sounds like a plan :) This kid is keeping me on my toes