The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is it really only 1 PM??

   Today has been a long day already.  It started with the fabulous adventure of taking the kids with me to the doctors office for some blood work.  I made the mistake of letting the doc pick the appointment time, so I was supposed to be there at 8:45 am.  I truly believe that nothing should happen before 10 am that requires me to be out of my pajamas, so this was not the way I wanted to start my day.  Not only did I have to force myself out of bed, I had to make the kids get up and get dressed as well.  So I was running late, of course.  We made it to the office about 15 minutes late, and I was incredibly grateful that no one seemed to mind.  They took me right back, drew the three tubes of blood, and even made conversation with my little guys.  Nothing makes a mommy happier than feeling like your children are welcome, and when people seem to understand that they are here with you because they have to be.  Not because you wanted to ruin everyone else's day, or office visit, or shopping trip.  Trust me, I would love to have a trip to the doctor without my kids in tow, but as it stands, I am the primary caregiver, and they aren't in school full time just yet.  The office staff had a blast with my little guys, and one of the girls even pointed out that Molly had a Pull-Up breech...They pointed me to a very large, roomy bathroom where I was able to change Molly, and get ready for our next adventure.
   Off to the next hospital...Mommy has to get her yearly TB test so that she can continue to work :)  We report to My hospital, and hike all the way over to employee health.  Both kids are starting to get antsy at this point, but this particular mission must be completed.  I am greeted by a man at the desk, and I explain that I just need my TB skin test.  He looks at my children, then back at me, and says "well, you need to come back with out the kids.  They aren't allowed back in our clinic."  Seriously??  I politely explain that I don't have family in town, or a regular sitter, and that I work weekends so that my husband can keep the children.  I also point out that they aren't open on the weekends, or I would have never burdened them with the presence of my children, who, may I point out are sitting quietly in chairs, waiting on mommy to get done.  I offer to go back to L&D and drop them off with some co workers if they thought that was a better option, or perhaps, someone could come out to the waiting room, inject my arm with the tiny injection, and I would be on my merry way.  They take me back quickly, and in less than a minute, I am done.  They instruct me to come back on Friday, without the kids, to have the test read.  No problem...I find it interesting that they would make something so difficult when I am sure that a large chunk of their employees are woman, and work in the hospital on off shifts so that they can take care of their children. Whatever, meanwhile, I realize that it is Wed, and L&D has their staff meetings on this day.  By some crazy happenstance, I am passing right by the meeting.  I rarely get to attend these mandatory meetings for the very same reason that I can't go anywhere without my children.  I stick my head in the door, ask if I can come in with my kids, and hope for the best.  Colin sits down with a juice box and a bag of goldfish, Molly is ready to go.  She starts the meeting by spinning the chair around she is sitting in.  She moves to briefly coloring, a small snack, and then she asks for my phone.  I knew we were in trouble when she hit the Netflix app.  My phone has very little reception in the hospital, and sure enough, it won't let her watch her "penguin movie" that she has chosen.  She starts to cry, I briefly get her calm, and then it starts all over again.  I get glares from the other people at the meeting, accompanied by a few understanding smiles.  One of the managers asks me to leave right as I was already making the decision that this wasn't going to happen.  Oh well, yet another staff meeting missed.  Maybe they should record them, and put them on line.  That way, I could watch them while my children are in the comfort of their own home, and then I could be compliant with my employers wishes without disturbing anyone else.  Wishful thinking.
    The bad news, I still have to hit the grocery store, and the kids are already DONE.  I can't even really remember what I need besides milk, and a UV shirt for my very fair little man.  He has two, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.  I decide to hit Wal-Mart so that I can get both groceries and possibly the shirt as well.  Bad at lunch time, with two toddlers who already wanted to be through about an hour ago.  Shopping trip full of impulse purchases...I think I agreed to everything. And props to the Wal-Mart marketing team.  The shopping trip was a hot bed of fun and exciting things for my little guys.  We left with un-needed snacks, Angry Bird shirts for both kids, UV shirt for Colin, and apparently close to $200 worth of stuff, at least, that is what the nice lady at the cash register requested from me.  I may or may not have let an expletive loudly slip out of my mouth at the total.  Mike may kill me...fabulous.  I slide my card, pick up my head, and attempt to convince myself that we need and will use everything I just purchased.  It certainly had nothing to do with survival in a store with two small children...or an overly exhausted mommy that fasted for her bloodwork, and still hasn't had coffee.  Nope...We needed everything.  I may just start waiting until the kids are in bed to go shopping.  Just another day in mommy paradise.

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