The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herding cats...I mean kids

   Getting my two children out the door is frequently akin to herding cats, or at least, what I imagine herding cats would be like.  Speaking as someone who was a cat owner first and a parent second, sometimes I can see the similarities.  I have flashes of attempting to put my cats in a carrier at times while strapping my kids into their car seats.  Molly even gets vicious at times, and uses her claws, just like a cat...A toddler on a leash also resembles a cat on a leash.  Not only do they look offended, but they will frequently refuse to move, and may even lay down on the ground.  My cat Oscar wanted to be an outside cat.  He wanted to go outside in the worst way, so I bought him a leash.  I tried multiple times, and it resulted in what could only be called a very large, angry, dust mop.  Molly, same thing...So as I am volunteering at Vacation Bible School this week, I am getting practice at herding other people's cats...I mean kids.  I have a group of four and five year olds that were assigned to me.  I am actually having tons of fun, and I am really enjoying myself.  I am just a "Camp Counselor."  I don't have to plan activities, or teach any lessons.  I am just there to herd them from activity to activity, provide encouragement and comfort, and keep an accurate head count.  It is quite the challenge at times.  My partner in crime, or co-counselor is in 7th grade. She is awesome and great with the kids.  I plan on getting her number if she babysits at all on the side.  But she is really tiny.  I have had to physically rescue her from the attacks, all be it loving, but attacks still the same from our campers.  I think a few of the five year olds might be able to take her.  Molly has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I have to skip a day.  I am little worried for my tiny friend.
   My little friend and I agree on one thing for sure...the snack mommies are not the counselors.  The snacks are adorable.  They are cute. They go along with a short bible story, and the kids get to help prepare them.  Of course, for two days now, one of the main snack ingredients has been frosting.  Yep...frosting.  The first day, the kids created "Noah's ark" out of a rice crispie treat, smothered it in frosting (because marshmallow goo isn't sweet enough), and then topped it with animal crackers.  Today, we made an "ocean" with a graham cracker, covered it in blue icing, and sprinkled gummy fish on top.  Now lets just get something straight.  I NEVER complain about snacks.  I am laid back when it comes to food and my kids.  In fact, my husband thinks I am way too laid back. I consider chocolate milk and fruit loops a perfectly acceptable breakfast.  But even I am beginning to question the forethought put into this snack.  Yummy... fun... lesson appropriate, and yet, seemingly a graham cracker smeared with "kiddie crack" and topped with a side of sugary goodness.  Suffice it to say, within an hour, herding the cats becomes much more chaotic.  Not to mention the severe lack of a coffee station for the adult volunteers so that I can have some "adult crack" to keep up with them.   And then by the end of the day, the kids have bottomed out, and are tired and starving.  So, like I said, the snack planners...well, they don't have to lead the kids around the church while they are on their sugar high.  Oh well, no permanent damage done from yummy snacks.  I think I am just packing some cheese sticks and protein snacks for my little guys tomorrow.  Maybe I can balance out the sugar rush??
   So, I am blaming VBS for what happened earlier today.  I am really trying to take this training for the half marathon seriously.  I knocked out some decent times on the elliptical in the last few days, and I have started trying to jog outside.  And of course, after having a very reasonable turkey sandwich for lunch, the container of leftover frosting was calling my name.  It taunted knew that I had already been tempted by frosting goodness earlier in the day.  I caved..I had two tablespoons of I am blaming the church :) That's my story, and I am sticking to it.  Now, off to play Wii Sports Resort with my babies, and figure out how to repair a styrofoam jellyfish that Molly both made and destroyed in the same day.  In other words, just another day being Super Mom.

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