The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texts before the gym...

Monday morning, I roll over to check my phone for a text that has just come through...It's from Sandra

Sandra  "Quick, send help!"
(I assume the kids are giving her a rough time)
Me  "Oh my...I think I may give mine a sedative and hog tie them so they can't hit and kick each other.  They have been at it all morning"
Sandra  "Lol!!  Mine are fine, but I am a zombie.  Gonna get my blood pumping though...Still on for the gym at 10:15?"
Me  "Sure, I am a serious case of zombie land as well..."
Sandra  "Maybe we can drop them off at the kids place and then go for naps in the locker room??"
Me  "Do you think they would notice if I brought a pillow and a blanket??"
Sandra  "Lmao!!"
   Instead, we got a great workout, and then went for Mexican food : )  No judgement please...we even got a yummy grilled chicken and steak salad...And it is still better than not working out and going for Mexican, right??

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