The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How do you forget to eat?? Because I need to learn

  While Sandra and I were working our butts off on the elliptical, we began conversing about our day.  She had a play date earlier in the day with a friend with a little baby.  He is right at a year old.  They hit the pool together with all of the kids in tow.  We chatted briefly about how it went, and then Sandra says...

Sandra : "You know, she was in a bikini, and she looked fabulous.  Her son just turned a year old..."
Me:  (huffing and puffing on elliptical) "That bitch...I mean, good for her. What is her secret??"
Sandra:  "She says she has been working hard, but that she still has more to go.  I looked at her shocked.             She told me that she forgets to eat and that she doesn't have time to eat."
Me:  "Ahhh, one of those.  I NEVER forget to eat.  If I forget anything about eating, it is that I have already eaten, and then I do it again.  This morning was a perfect example.  I had a Nutra Grain bar, got the kids ready, poured my coffee, and made myself a bowl of cereal.  I didn't remember until halfway through the bowl that I had already eaten."
Sandra: "No matter how busy I am, I can always find time to eat."
Me: "In fact, that is when I make the worst choices.  I inhale food in a hurry, and then I eat something else, before I even realize I am full."
Sandra : "yep, same here."
Cue incredibly fit girl with massive, fake breasts in tiny gym clothes.  She struts by as we sit on the ab machines covered in sweat...
Me: "I think she forgot some of her clothes..."
Sandra: "I would have to agree..."
Me: "I bet she forgets to eat too..."
Sandra: "agreed..."

  I wish I dealt with stress by forgetting to eat...until then, back to LA Fitness.


  1. Haha! I never forget to eat either! I've started to work out pretty hard. My goal is to look totally fake and hot by the end of the year!

    1. sadly, my goals are much lower :) I would just love to fit in single digit pants sizes again. I don't expect to ever look "cut" and incredibly hot. I just want my old clothes to fit again, and I have set this crazy goal to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb. 13.1 Here I come!!!