The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Molly...where are your pants??

   This weekend, the grandparents were in town visiting.  The children have been turning on the charm, and using the best tools in their arsenal of toddler cuteness.  This morning, the cuteness continued.  As all of the adults are sitting around the table enjoying our morning coffee and a chat, Molly makes her grand entrance into the breakfast area.  I look down, and ask the all too familiar question in our home.
Me "Molly, where are your pants?"
Molly "right dare, Mommy(pointing down to her ankles where her pants are pooled on the floor)"
Her pull up is obviously missing in action...
Me "Did you go pee pee Molly?  Where are your underwear?"
Molly "Ummmm, oh! They are in the trash."
Me "OK, well lets take your pants the rest of the way off."
Molly "OK, (slips pants off her feet, takes off her shirt as well)"
This doesn't surprise me...
Me "OK Molly, let's get dressed for the day."
Molly (running off to the living room, returns with her rain boots, smiling, still completely naked) "OK mommy, I need my rain coat.  I want to play in the rain"
Me "Well...that sounds just fine Molly, but I think we are going to need to put on more than your rain coat and a smile. Let's go find some clothes as well."
Molly "(big sigh) OK..."
  I am pretty sure she wanted to play in the rain completely in the buff.  It must be so awesome to be a toddler. So free, no body image issues, completely comfortable with streaking outside in the rain. Just because it is fun.  Don't worry, I sent them both out completely dressed.  Such a simple thing, playing in the rain, but it kept them entertained for at least 30 minutes this morning.  And something like that. Simple, unplanned playtime...that is some of the best time.

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