The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, June 4, 2012

Parenting differences...

  It is a well known fact in this house that my son is a bit of a video game addict already at the age of four.  I think he would play Birds or Wii Sports Resort all day long if I let him.  Mike is much more strict with their time playing video games or watching TV than I am.  I do control his time, but not nearly as strictly as Mike.  I stand by the fact that it is because I am home with them the vast majority of the time, and I require some time when they are occupied to complete the normal household duties of a SAHM. Yesterday morning, Colin asked to play Wii, and Molly eagerly decided to "help" with the other controller.  I set them up with the Wii, made a pot of coffee, checked Facebook, drank my coffee, and I was contemplating a shower.  The kids were thoroughly entertained, and I was enjoying the brief reprieve and mommy "quiet time."  Not that two toddlers playing a Wii is really all that quiet, but it does keep them off my lap and out of my hair for a few minutes.  Mike enters.
Mike "So what is your plan to get them to stop playing Wii?"
Me (I sip my coffee, scroll down my Facebook feed, and click over to my blog home page. I look up) "Well, if you must know, I plan on showering, getting dressed in peace, and perhaps having a bowl of cereal while they are entertained.  Once I am done with all of that, I will take them outside, and remove his death grip from the Wiimote.  Of course, you can feel free to interrupt them prior to that, as long as you keep them entertained."
Mike "Ahhh..."
  I got up, showered, and returned to the living room dressed with brushed teeth.  The kids were still playing Wii...


  1. Exactly! So easy to be the armchair quarterback, or in this case, The Parent With Rules (until you have to be the enforcer! ha!).


    1. I have to husband is an awesome parent. We may have some differences in our "styles", but I think we make a great team. But sometimes...well, as you said, he can be quite the armchair quarterback. They have no idea how precious those times when the kids are completely occupied actually are to us as mothers. Sometimes...well it might be worth bending a least for a cup of undisturbed coffee and a shower