The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alzheimer's mice...

My husband is always full of interesting news and fun facts.  The other night, he was reading The Economist, and decided he should engage me in a conversation about the story he was reading.

Mike "Did you know, they have found a cure for mice with Alzheimer's??"
Me  " How do they know the mice have Alzheimer's?"
Mike " I guessing they tested for it, and they gave the mice Alzheimer's.  Maybe they injected them with it.  Genetically altered, I don't know, but they cured them."
Me "How?  I mean, did they make them go through mazes they used to know...Did they ask them if that was their cousin, Minnie?? Did the mice lose their keys?? Even if they gave them the gene, how do they know the mice actually had the disorder?? and, therefore, how do they know they cured the disorder?"
Mike  "Never mind...I thought it was interesting"
Me "Were the mice lost??  Were they disoriented??"
Mike  "Ugghhh..."

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