The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yearly physical :)

So, today, I had a yearly physical scheduled with my doctor, and because this is the way my life works, the two kids got to tag along with me to this appointment. I was able to keep them mildly entertained with toy trains and airplanes for a little while, but it doesn't take long in a doctor's office to need to bring out the big guns. I gave Molly my cell phone, and I handed Colin my Kindle Fire. Both children were behaving incredibly well, so much so, that I knew something was bound to happen. After the initial interview portion, in which we discussed the inevitable "so, what are we going to do about losing 20-30 pounds..." I had to get undressed for the remaining portion of the exam. This is the part when the doctor hands you two paper "modesty drapes" to cover yourself during the exam. This was the first sign of trouble brewing. Molly looks up from her game of "Birds" and shouts with glee "toilet paper!!!" She tore off a tiny piece of the modesty drape, and used it to pretend blow her nose. By this time, the doctor has returned. During the exam, Molly continued to shred this modesty drape until I was clinging to what was left of my dignity, and a tiny scrap of paper that could only be referred to as a "modesty loin cloth" Even the doctor was laughing as she snatched the last little shred of paper away off of my lap with a tiny little baby war cry of triumph. The good news, I am an L&D nurse, I have very little modesty left...Thank God :)

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