The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, February 27, 2012

perhaps I should bake more often...

   Last Christmas, Santa brought Molly and Colin a really cool little play kitchen.  Up until now, it has seemed to serve more as a place to hide during hide and seek, and a place for mommy to put away toys out of sight.  Recently, Molly has started to actually "pretend" to cook.  Last night, I watched her play with her pretend cupcakes.  She proudly presented one to daddy on a little plate, and I thought to myself, "how does she even know that cupcakes are baked?"  I have never baked cup cakes.  She knows meals must be prepped and cooked, but I rarely bake, especially cupcakes.   Out of curiosity, I followed her back to the little kitchen.  And there I observed my daughter pulling the cupcakes out of the pretend pantry, not out of the pretend oven...I guess I need to start baking a little more often.  My daughter is even under the impression that cupcakes magically appear in the pantry.  Must work on becoming more of a domestic goddess...right after another pot of coffee, a load of dishes, and the four loads of laundry in my hallway.  Who has time to bake???

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