The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and so it begins...

  So this morning, I was off to a fabulous start.  As always, I was running late, and attempting to convince both children they needed to get in the car and head for school, preferably fully clothed.  Today, after car pool, I met my friend Sandra in the preschool parking lot.  Breakfast occurred in the car for everyone, including myself.  My sweet babies had dry cereal, and sippy cups of milk.  I, however, grabbed two Girl Scout cookies and a 16 oz Diet Coke, and hit the door running.  The irony of this being that today was gym day.  Today, Sandra and I were hitting the gym together for the first time.  She is already a member, and has been waiting for me to join.  Our kids attend preschool together, and we work together at the hospital as well, so why not the gym too??  Of course, being the chronic hypertensive(high blood pressure for my non medical readers) that I am, I have meds to take every day, and they usually do better with food in my tummy.  Occasionally, whatever I eat, and my pills do not get along, and I wind up feeling nauseous anyway.  Go figure, today was one of those days.  As I walked "the mommy walk of shame" due to my late arrival, I was fighting back the urge to vomit.  Not a good way to start a trip to the gym.  As I walked up to Sandra's car, she can tell I am not feeling well.  

Sandra "What's up?"
Me "I kinda feel like I am going to vomit..."
Sandra (as she leans away from me) "Why, what's wrong?"
Me "It's probably because I took my blood pressure meds with two samoas and a diet coke"
Sandra (shaking her head and laughing) "well, do you need a bowl or anything?"
Me "nah, I should be fine, I hope.."

  Ok, lesson learned.  Have an actual breakfast before taking your meds, especially on a day that you plan to work out for the first time in forever.  The good news, I am now a member at the gym, and I survived a short cardio work out, and a few weight machines, all without tossing my cookies...literally :)

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