The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just another night in paradise...

Perhaps it was the stealth attack of last night that made it more insulting. I mean, if you are already having a bad day, it never surprises you that it carries into the night. But I was having a wonderful day with my sweet babies, so I never saw last night coming...After getting them both to sleep, Colin awoke with a screech like I have never heard before, and now I know that sound means "I just threw up my hot dog, goldfish and chocolate milk dinner all over my bed" After cleaning him up, getting him to sleep on a fabulous puke pallet of towels, Molly woke up whimpering. Naked Bear strikes again. Molly was completely naked, soaking wet, and angry. Why, Molly, Why??? Bed strip number two of last night commenced while attempting to soothe the angry, cold baby. Why are sheets so much harder to find at 2 am?? After discovering her brother was sleeping with Mommy, Molly was not going to go back down in her crib. Now I am sleep deprived, crowded, and being kicked on both sides by babies. I take Colin back to his bed, tuck him in, and show Molly that Colin is in his room now. Then I put Molly back in her bed, and wait for her to settle down. All things considered, my children usually need about 10 hours of sleep, so that means they should be asleep until roughly noon, at least according to my 2 am math skills. SO imagine my surprise when Colin is awake at 7 am. Really guys?? Are you serious?? Now I see why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique. Of course, if someone tried it with me, I would simply laugh in their face and say "go ahead and give it your best shot, I haven't slept in four years. you may need to try something else" Like maybe withholding my coffee...

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