The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

mommy daydream....

As my youngest streaks through the house completely naked, screaming and crying about some horrible toddler injustice, and my oldest is demanding yet another Thomas Movie and to put on his Jedi Costume, my frequent daytime fantasy begins. It is nothing elaborate, nothing horribly expensive, but one day, it's going to happen. If I seemingly disappear for a few days, please don't be concerned...One night, preferably after work, when I know they are both tucked in safe and sound, and safe with their father, I am going to a hotel. Not fancy, hell, a Day's Inn will do. I am checking myself in for at least 48 hours. No cell phone, wall phone unplugged. I will lay in bed watching TV(not PBS, or Nick Jr) uninterrupted by anyone. I will order takeout of my choice, drink adult beverages, and possibly take an Ambien or some other sleep aid, and hopefully sleep for at least 12 hours. No crying, no coughing, no nebulizer treatments, no sharing my bed. No one tugging on my arm/leg. No one demanding food or juice, or a snack. For 48 hours, I want to be by myself, alone, and allowed the simple pleasures of food, TV, and sleep. In fact, I would prefer almost no human contact. Except for my food delivery people, and perhaps an hour long massage. I don't ask for much...Now, back to the naked, angry toddler, and the bored, hungry 4 y/o. Please tell me other mommies have this dream??

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