The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a little bit naked...

     My son says some of the cutest things without ever realizing how cute they actually are.  Tonight, for example, I got to ask the infamous question in my house. "Colin, where are your pants?"  This question gets asked frequently due to the fact that he still occasionally feels the need to strip from the waist down to go potty.  With my daughter, well it has become old news to see her streaking naked through the house, but I still feel the need to ask "Why are you naked?"  Such a simple question, but one I never saw myself asking, at least not multiple times in one day.  Tonight, when I asked him, "where are your pants?"  He looked down, seemed quite surprised, and said "Oh, I am a little bit naked." How do you forget you are "a little bit naked?"  I giggled, and then Molly streaked past without her shirt. "Look Mommy, Molly is a little bit naked too."  Again, I let a little giggle escape.  Mike chimes in with "Well we are ahead of the game if Molly is only a little bit naked."  So true, sadly.  The other day, I was walking around in just a t-shirt, looking for a pair of jeans in the laundry room.  Colin says "Oh no mommy, you forgot your pants. "  After reassuring him that I had not forgotten my pants, that I was simply looking for them, he seemed to relax.  I guess the kid thought I was going to drive through the car pool line with no pants. I mean, come on, even I draw the line for car pool attire at PJ's.  This only backfires when you are running just a little bit too late, and you have to do the "mommy walk of shame" down the preschool hallway in your sleepwear.  It backfires even more when they ask you to stay and sub in one of the classes, and you are still wearing what you slept in.  Mental note, always get dressed before you leave the house.  Or at least wear something to bed that you can wear out in public...
   A little bit naked...a frequent problem around this house.  One day, maybe the kids will stay dressed, and I will have time to get dressed before carpool, but then that would just be boring and normal, something I hope my life never is, or maybe something I long for my life to be, depending on my mood :)


  1. I thought I would tell you, my grand daughter about three or four made the comment that her Uncle Ben (who did not have on a shirt) was 'top naked'. So that has become a term of use at our naked and bottom naked verses totally naked. I love the blog!!!