The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, April 9, 2012

just stinky poopies...

   So I am sitting around, surfing the net, enjoying the quiet...And there, that phrase, right there should have been my clue that something was up.  Colin came running into the kitchen where my computer is, and says
Colin "Mommy, Molly stinks..."
Me  "Ok bud, I will get to it in just a second"
Colin "No Mommy, she really stinks"
As if I didn't get it the first time...
Me "Ok, I will go change her pull up Colin Bear, no problem"
Colin "uh-oh Mommy..."
I turned around to find Molly naked from the waist down, poop down to her knees, and the soiled pull up is no where in sight.  Perhaps I should have gotten up the first time after all...  I found the pull up on the floor of her room, along with the skirt she had had been wearing.  Some how, by the grace of God, the poop was not on the skirt or the carpet.  As I am cleaning her up, I remind her that she is supposed to poop in the frog potty, not her pants any more.   The poop was everywhere.  It was poopmageddon.  As I am using a pile of wipes like a first time father changing a diaper, I finally just say..
Me "Holy Cow, Molly!!"
Molly, with a giggle "No, not cow Mommy, just stinky poopies."


  1. "Poopmageddon"? If I look that up in Wikipedia, will it have Molly's picture next to the article?

  2. I'm reading this article, and the ad next to your blog is for "Gilette odor absorbing body wash". What are the odds of the wording in your blog having an impact on the ads...

    1. I am almost positive that if Molly's picture is not next to the word, it should be :) I will appeal to wikipedia myself. And as for the ads, they are supposed to be content based :) So I suppose odor absorbing body wash would be very appropriate, and proof that Google is paying attention.