The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

woohoo!! My 92 y/o grandpa has the internet...

   So, I am down in Pensacola Florida right now because the older men in my life needed a little attention.  My dad is having a cardiac cath on Thursday afternoon, and my 92 y/o grandfather fell after bowling in his league, and fractured two vertebrae in his neck.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He managed to bowl all his games for the day, and fell on his way to the car.  He is in a neck brace, and absolutely miserable right now. He can't stand to sit still, and he is incredibly stubborn.  I can't imagine where I got it from...Anyway, hopefully he will be released to a rehab facility today or tomorrow.  Of course, he seems to think that he needs to have the surgery that they have already told him he is not a candidate for.  Go figure.  I, of course, know nothing when it comes to medicine, because in his mind, I am still a child sitting on his knee, not a 35 y/o woman, mother, and a nurse. So I am here to visit, comfort, and answer questions when possible.  My daddy failed his cardiac stress test last Thursday, so now he is going in for a cardiac cath tomorrow afternoon.  We will know more about his condition after that procedure.  Until then, I am trying to keep both guys calm, and hoping my husband is at least treading water back home.  I left him attempting to work from home and keep both kids until Friday.  I hope the house is still standing when I get home, and that Mike doesn't head for the hills and put the kids on a plane to Pensacola.    I would have brought them with me, but the hospital is simply no place for a toddler.  Not only is it not fair to the kids, but Molly could have the entire cardiac unit destroyed in a matter of minutes.  In the mean time, someone made a very unsuccessful(thank god) attempt at blowing up the federal building my brother works in, and his father in law was diagnosed with cancer.  These are some of the many reasons I have been MIA on my blog.  So now that all of the drama has been covered, lets talk about my adorable and funny children :)
   Colin has been so adorable over the last few weeks, but he is breaking my heart.  Every time I get ready to go to work, or leave the house, he begs me to stay.  He even told me on Sunday that "you work too many hours, Mommy."  I told him there are many people who would argue that point since I only work 16 hours a week.  I explained to him as I was leaving for Pensacola that my daddy and grandfather were sick, and that they needed me to come and take care of them.  He said "Well...I hope they feel better soon, but you can't go."  I just wanted to cry.  My sweet little man is getting so big, but he still LOVES his Mommy.  Mike reports they both climbed into bed with him last night, and insisted on being on top of him.  I guess they needed some extra snuggles since mommy wasn't around.  Molly woke up around midnight, and started scouting out the whole house, calling for Mommy.  She wouldn't lay back down with him until she was sure I hadn't come home.  My heart kind of hurts just thinking about it, but I know they will be ok.
   Both kids are playing so well together these days.  They chatter back and forth, and play "let's pretend" together all of the time.  I love watching them interact and play together.  Molly is moving forward with the potty training...most days.  Some days, it seems like she doesn't remember anything at all.  I left her in her room for a nap on Monday.  I thought for sure she had finally fallen asleep when it got quiet, but she was NOT asleep.  I went into her room only to discover that she had emptied her laundry hamper, dumped a bottle of sunscreen and a tube of Desitin into the hamper, and I found her finger painting with the mixture.  Fabulous.  Needless to say, that was a hot mess to clean up.  Of course, Monday she also insisted on carrying her baby doll around with a play stethoscope. She calls the stethoscope a "bump bump" and makes it sound like a heart beat.  She managed to drop her doll on the sidewalk, and simply would not rest until the doll had a band aid for her boo boo.  Perhaps I have a little nurse in training.  She is growing up in leaps and bounds. I swear, I had a toddler a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a little girl.  All of the cliches are true.  Don't blink, or you will miss their childhood.  Here are some pictures of the kids playing "let's pretend."  Colin is very into his Angry Birds, and this was a picture of him having a picnic with the birds.

   I have finally recovered from the torture, I mean, training session at the gym.  I did tell Mike that there was a man named Zach at LA Fitness, and that he was very mean to me.  I suggested that he go and beat him up...I guess I will find out when I get back if he listened :)  Until then, I am trying to stay on my diet while on the road and trapped in hospitals, almost impossible, but I am trying.  At least I left the yummy cheesecake from Mike's birthday back in Marietta.

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