The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What animal are you today??

  Every day for the last couple of weeks, Molly has been an animal.  No, not her behavior, she pretends to be some type of animal.  This has to be the cutest thing ever.  Especially because she is usually a "baby baby dinosaur," or a "baby baby dolphin."  Whatever she picks, she is a "baby baby" whatever it is.  She imitates the sounds they make, and runs around with her pink wankie draped over her head.  The only issue it has caused was the day she told me she was a "baby baby bird."  I was trying to get her dressed for school, a challenge on a good day, and she told me "birds don't wear clothes Mommy."  Hard to argue with that.  Quick, think ARE smarter than your almost three year old.  Me "Well, baby bird, you have to put on your feathers before you can go to school."  There, take that little one.  Let me hear a come back to that... Molly "ok mommy, I will wear my feathers."  Success :)  Baby bird/child dressed.  Of course, this morning she told me she was a puppy dog.  Now this is something I can work with.  After patting her on the head, and tickling her ears, she snuggled under my arm and barked.  How adorable is that?  Mike brought me breakfast in bed this morning, because my husband rocks.  Scrambled eggs and toast, yum.  Of course, like a good puppy dog, Molly detected the presence of food.  She sat up, made a puppy noise, stole my fork and began to eat my breakfast.  I told her dogs don't use she started to eat my breakfast face first.  Perhaps, the almost three year old is smarter than I am...I should have seen that one coming, and I let that cute puppy steal my breakfast.  Oh well, I got a few bites before the pretend dog stole my food.

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