The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just another Monday...

   Molly still seems to amaze me on a daily basis.  That child just never stops.  She makes the Energizer bunny look slow in comparison.  Not to mention the path of destruction she leaves in her wake.  Today, we met friends at a park for a play date.  Today was the first day of Spring Break, and despite the fact that I normally have to pry my children out of bed at 8 am for school, they were wide awake with bells on at 7 am.  I, however, was not...I started a pot of coffee, and sent out texts to mommy friends requesting a play date to help maintain my sanity.  Luckily, I received some quick replies for a picnic lunch at a park nearby.  The park has yet another kind of  merry go round, or "the spinning wheel of death" as I like to call it.  See the above photo.  Of course, the kids love the thing, but I am a little gun shy after the projectile pizza vomiting incident a few weeks ago.  Sandra was kind enough to push Jack and Molly for a few rounds before we sat down to eat.  At least we got the play/eat order correct this time, so no clean up today.
   Next comes lunch, and then, feeding the ducks and geese.  Of course, Molly just wants to skip lunch, and give the ducks and geese her sandwich.  Highly unusual that she is willing to share food at all, but she wants to do anything right now that gives her the opportunity to tell her mother "No!"  Mommy wants her to eat, so she wants to play with sticks at the pond.  All in total, we have 7 children 4 and under with us, and 4 adults. Should be decent odds, right??  Well, not with Molly around.  She was determined to wander off during the entire meal, so I decided to let her.  Well, as long as I could see her and get to her relatively easily.  Of course, none of us remembered food for the over fed ducks, but I figured we would cross that bridge when we came to it.  Through out the conversation and meal, I would ask, "wait, where is Molly?"  and then one of us would spot her.  First she made a few friends down by the water, and then the next time I looked, she had what appeared to be half a loaf of french bread.  Fabulous.  Sandra "Where did she get the loaf of bread?"  Me "I have no idea... maybe she jacked those girls for their bread?"  Off I go to find out where the bread came from.  Luckily, the man with the other girls had given it to her, and she had not  forcibly taken the loaf.  Sigh of relief from this mommy, well, except, I don't know this man, or where his bread came from.  Oh well. Back to chasing Molly all around the pond.  The child needs to eat.  She is angry and fussy, and I am positive some of it could be caused by low blood sugar at this point.  She is simply not on board with eating anything.  We all take a quick walk around the pond while the mommies plan the rest of the week's adventures of egg hunts, play dates, and zoo adventures.  Now back to the play ground for a last minute swing, and finally off to our respective cars.  Wait...where is my car?  It's a small parking lot, and I don't see it anywhere.  After a few panicked deep breaths, I finally locate my car behind a city bus...that is parked way too close to me.  I put both children in the car on the same side, and climb over to buckle Molly into her seat.  Huge pet peeve...just makes me want to "door" the crap out of whoever blocks me in, but I think the bus would win that fight.
   Between Molly playing right next to the water, pegging geese on the head with stale bread, and Jack climbing trees hanging over the pond, we had an eventful morning.  Molly fell asleep on the way home, and continued to nap(yay! for me).  I stripped her as soon as she woke up from the nap due to an unfortunate juice box incident before she fell asleep.  She has been streaking around here in nothing but her "farmer's tan" sunburn and a smile for over an hour now.  She struck fear in my heart with her excited statement of "mommy, I pooped!!"  I wandered around the house frantically looking for the poop, until I realized it was in the potty :)  First time for number 2 in the potty.  Yay for Molly and Mommy!!  Perhaps we are finally getting somewhere with this potty training thing.  We might have to join a nudist colony...but progress is progress.  If only I could convince her to keep her clothes on...

PS  I discovered another air conditioner vent stuffed full of what appeared to be an entire roll of toilet paper...I can only hope it wasn't used to cover up another unfortunate pooping incident.  I guess time will tell now that the AC is on and running.

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