The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, April 19, 2012

physical assessment...

   So, Sandra and I have been going to LA Fitness for a couple of months now.  She joined about a month before I did, and she is a much better dieter than I am.  She is seeing incredible progress.  I am feeling a little better, and my pants are fitting a little better, but the scale isn't moving much.  Still at 8 lbs, and sometimes, I am back to 6 lbs.  I hate weigh ins for this reason.  I know I need to get more disciplined with my diet.  Sandra went a little radical with her diet for a few weeks, but she did get the jump start that she wanted.  It is always so much easier to diet once you start to see results.  Maybe I need to try the diet she started with?  In the mean time, we have been doing cardio at the gym, and attempting some of the weight machines.  We both admit we really have no idea what we are doing, but we figure something is better than nothing.  Of course LA Fitness thinks otherwise.  We had two different trainers come up and introduce themselves to us on Wednesday. it comes...No, I don't want a personal trainer, primarily for money reasons, but also because I fear that I might kick someone in the uncomfortable boy parts if they yell at me to "come on, you can do 10 more crunches."  I have a feeling that is frowned upon in the gym world, and also, I am pretty sure the very fit personal trainers that are wandering around the gym floor could easily take me.  Of course, I am small, and I don't mind fighting dirty if necessary.  Sadly, I think Sandra is hooked, and wants to see what else we could learn, so she agreed to a "physical assessment" for both of us tomorrow morning.  I don't need a very fit, pretty boy to tell me that my BMI is too high and that I could use some toning and weight loss.  I will be biting my tongue tomorrow morning. But I will humor Sandra because she is my friend. He even instructed us to have a full breakfast because he hasn't had to take anyone to the hospital yet this week.  Great, he thinks he is funny as well. We both asked him "what, coffee with creamer doesn't count as breakfast?"  All I can hope for is a little coaching on how to use the weight machines properly, and maybe a few exercises to help my abs find each other again.  He is going to be sadly disappointed when I turn down a trainer schedule.  Sure, I know some coaching could help with the weight loss.  I know it could, but I don't even pay for the childcare at the gym.  I go when the kids are in school, or I suppose I could go after Mike gets home, but that has yet to happen.  This summer, I will start paying for childcare because the kids will be out of school.  I am hoping to attend a few fitness classes once I start dropping the kids off in the children's area, but I just don't think a trainer is the way to go for me.  In fact, I am just hoping that the guy can handle both mine and Sandra's sarcasm, and that my foot doesn't just slip and kick him in the shin if he gets too condescending or cheerleader like...I will keep you posted.

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