The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coyote Traps???

   So, I grew up in rural, southern Georgia.  Wildlife just outside your door was not uncommon at all in my home town.  It wasn't unusual for me to open the front door to discover a large poisonous snake on my doorstep. I knew which snakes were poisonous, where I needed to watch for them, and what to do if we were bitten.  We had plenty of other wild life that wandered around at night, but for some reason, I can't seem to wrap my head around the coyote problem we have here in East Cobb.  Apparently they are very common around here.  Last time I checked, I live in the suburbs of Atlanta. A very large, developed suburb at that.  But, since moving here, Mike and I have been warned multiple times about the coyote problem.  Our back yard is wooded, with a creek running through it, but we are surrounded by major roads as well.  While playing at the playground the other day, the coyote problem was brought up yet again.
   We were at the elementary school play ground where our children will eventually attend.  There were a few families out playing as well, and like parents do, we started making small talk.  One of the dads spoke up as he saw our dog run over to Colin.

Man "I don't know if I would let my dog run around out here...there are tons of coyote traps, and it would        be really hard to get her free."
Mike "are the coyotes that bad?"
Man "yeah, they are pretty bad.  I live right over there, and there are traps set up all over our back yard"
Mike "wow.."

  Later, after we have some time to digest this info, Mike wonders out loud "I am surprised the guy was worried about our dog.  I mean, shouldn't we be worried about letting our kids play where the coyotes are that bad?"

Me "Nah...I mean it's not like we roll them in butter, wrap them in lunch meat, and send them out to play on the play ground at night..."
Mike stares at me like I have just said the craziest thing ever, but then he nods in agreement
Mike "Yeah, I guess you are right..."

   Please don't be worried, I am actually concerned about my children playing near coyotes waiting to pounce, but it was fun to watch my husband's confusion...and seriously, coyotes are nocturnal, right?? I think I liked the snakes a little more...


  1. I had a great cooment about Mike accepting your unique way of phrasing things, but it evades me now

  2. Coyote problem? Now I am rethinking our vague plan of possibly moving to the Atlanta suburbs someday.