The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Mommy Molly

   My daughter has been an incredibly late talker.  She knows what is going on, all of her pistons are definitely firing, but she just saw no reason to do this talking thing.  She knew words, and several of them, but she would only use them occasionally, and maybe one or two at a time.  Recently, the verbal explosion has started.  Her sweet teacher told me the other day that I may need to enter her on the debate team.  Now that she has finally started, she is really getting the hang of it quickly.  Yes, the majority of people would hear her, and not be sure of what she was saying, but I can tell most of the time now.  Huge improvement around here.  Communication is happening instead of an advanced game of charades.  Her favorite thing is to tell on her brother.  She is constantly coming to me to tell me "that Cowin took her toy" or "Cowin hit her"  She also loves to copy whatever Mommy says...
   The other night, Molly was sitting in her booster seat, having a snack, while Colin was in the bath tub.  The interaction went some thing like this

Colin "Mommy, I am all done in the bath tub"
Molly (before I could even speak up) "OK Cowin, I be right there"
Colin (louder this time) "Mommy, I am all done in the bath tub"
Molly (louder as well, slightly exasperated) "OK, I be right there"

   This interaction continued for several times back and forth, until I rescued Colin from the bath tub. This quickly reminded me that they are listening to everything I say.  Colin even knows that facial expressions and tone of voice are very important as well.  He asked me the other day "are you mad at me?"  And he followed it with "wait, are your eyebrows up or down?"  I guess I scrunch my eyebrows down when I get "mad."
     Molly is totally going to jump from not talking at all, to bossing her older brother around. She frequently repeats things I say to Colin, as if they are her commands to give.  It is kind of adorable right now, but I can see how she could become quite the little bossy pants if I am not careful.  As if she wasn't running this joint before she could talk...

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