The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Naked Pirate...

   I think it can be safely said, that in dealing with my daughter, I should never be surprised.  The other night, Molly was running around partially naked.  This is nothing new, especially with potty training going on every day around here.  She seems to do pretty well with "going on the potty" if she is wearing nothing from the waist down.  Colin was running around without any pants for at least 6 months, I swear.  It just makes it easier.  Nothing to take on or off, and for some reason, they seem to hold it with out anything on.  I have grown used to the appearance of my children half dressed.  But a few nights ago, Molly decided to give me a fabulous surprise.  She ran up to me wearing nothing but a pair of socks, a pirate hat, and a smile :)  She was running around with a stuffed parrot under one arm, and saying "Aaarrrgghhh!!!" like a good pirate wench.  I can only hope this partially naked costume play does not carry over into adult hood.

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