The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Ode to my coffee pot...

   Ok, so not really an ode, but more like, goodbye old friend.  No, I am not quitting my habit.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Mike and I were given a small four cup coffee maker (what I registered for at the time) for a wedding or shower gift.  Prior to children, neither of us drank coffee at home.  The coffee pot was purely for company when they came to stay with us.  After one child, I started to experiment with Starbucks frequently.  Of course, they are very expensive, so I decided to move on to making coffee at home with flavored creamers.  Along came Molly, and my addiction grew, and became a daily ritual.  The four cup maker was the perfect size for me.  It filled a travel mug once, and then I had a little left to top off my mug on the way out the door.  Enter Mike, stage left.  At some point, he started drinking coffee as well.  It started with an occasional sleepy "Is there any coffee left?"  And quickly became "have you made coffee yet this morning??"  For this reason, I have been contemplating leaving my old friend for a new coffee maker.  She has been my faithful companion through many sleepless nights and days.  I know the perfect amount of coffee grounds to put in her to make the coffee just the way I like it, but we have simply outgrown her small size.  The love affair is coming to an end.  The sensible part of me thinks, well, she is functional.  But the other side of me wants something new and shiny.
       Several friends have Keurigs, and I am fascinated with their shiny parts, and yummy results.  I love the idea of a fast, fresh cup of coffee any time of the day, but seriously, it could prove to be very pricey, and our problem has now become that there isn't enough coffee in the mornings.  How would making it one cup at a time really help, outside of the novelty.  In the end, a traditional 12 cup maker would be the most sensible way to go.  So last night, we ran out of coffee filters for my faithful 4 cup companion, and I ventured to Target to see which direction I would go with my decision.  As I stood in the aisle, overwhelmed with choices for such a simple appliance, I almost decided to grab a new pack of $1.50 coffee filters for our current coffee pot.  Sure, she leaks every time I pour, and we have to make 2 pots everyday just to keep up with our addiction, but she works.  After drooling over the plethora of one cup coffee makers, I finally turned to the traditional 12 cup side of the aisle.  I find it difficult to commit, feeling that I am betraying my old friend, but I finally pick a mid range 12 cup maker.  She has shiny stainless steel accents, and I can program her to have my coffee ready in the AM.  As I took her out of the box, I realized  we have come to the end of an era .  A new era has begun.  One where large amounts of coffee are needed on a daily basis, and I have become practical enough to settle on something sensible, instead of the novelty of something "really cool."  Of course, Mike would say that I still spent money on something we didn't "really" need.
    This morning, an entire pot of coffee was waiting on me when I woke up.  It was tasty, hot, and there was plenty to go around .  Of course, next to my shiny new toy, sat my old friend....I can't bring myself to box her up just yet.  My faithful companion, perhaps even my first "dealer" per se.  My introduction to my adult addiction...Goodbye old friend : )  

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