The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, March 15, 2012


A conversation with my son...
Colin "Mommy, there is a sled in the laundry room"
Me  "I doubt that bud.  Why don't you show me what you are talking about."
Colin "OK, I'll show you." Pulls out the ironing board...
Me "Nope bud, that is something that mommy needs to use a little more often, but it is not a sled."

However, mommy would probably never notice if it became a sled :)  He also tells me that the vacuum cleaner is Ms. Anne's (my friend that cleans for us every two weeks)  Domestic Diva, I am not.  Oh well, the clothes are always clean, if not ironed, and vacuuming everyday is futile in this joint.  I have better things to waste my time on, like hitting the playground in a few, and posting on my new blog :)


  1. My kids callmit a skate board! I think mine is used as frequently as your's is used!!

  2. awesome, glad I am not alone :) Thank God Mike has a job that he can wear office casual, and I have learned not to buy the super adorable, 100% cotton outfits for the kids