The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Preschool Art Auction...

  Our church preschool holds an annual art auction as a fundraiser.  Various things are donated from the community, and all of the children make art projects that are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I didn't attend last year, but this year, Sandra and I decided we should make an appearance.  Sandra is a friend and co worker, and also my partner in crime as co room moms for Molly and Jack's class.  Sandra talked me into it with promises of a fun evening out and double date, if nothing else.  I had heard it was a good time in the past, so I thought, why not?  First, I had to convince my husband that we needed to buy tickets for this event.  I finally sold him with the "grown up night out" scenario.  I even mentioned the "cocktail hour" before the actual auction.  Of course, he asks "Is this a Protestant cocktail hour, or a Catholic cocktail hour?"  I respond "I am sure if it is a cocktail hour, there will be cocktails.  We Methodists only skip out on the wine at communion."  Mike "I guess I am in then."  Done...I guess all it takes is beer, and adult conversation to tempt my husband.  I thought the charity aspect would have been enough.  Oh well.  We meet Sandra and her husband at their place, drop off our kids with her sitter, and hope for a massive play date while we are gone.  This is the first time I have had both heels and a strapless bra on since the last wedding I attended.  The bra is killing me, and I am only 30 minutes into the evening.  Oh well, fashion before comfort...who am I kidding?? I am all about comfort.
    Now for cocktails.  We enter a beautiful home, just down the street from the church, and mingle with some of the other parents and teachers.  This may have been where I went wrong.  It was a true cocktail "hour" and I managed to have three glasses of wine.  At least it made for a fun evening as we tried to figure out how the silent auction was done.  We purchased tickets at the door, made some plates of food, and started to walk around to check out the items up for bid.  I fell in love with the shelf that my son's class had decorated.  It was decorated with monkeys made from hand prints from all of the students.  Each monkey was labeled with a kid's name.  Adorable.  Only one other bid...yes!  So I put down a bid, slightly higher than the last, and hoped for the best.  I checked on the list early in the evening, a couple of times, but no one had outbid me yet.  I guess the wine haze settled over me, and I forgot to go back and check at the last minute.  I lost my monkey shelf...sad puppy face :(  In the end, I think Sandra had the right idea.  She bought a bunch of raffle tickets, and won two things.  One of which is pizza for a year at a local place.  I realized as she collected her items, she was being given stuff, and even if I won my prize, I had to pay them.  I am going with her method next year.  Until then, pizza on Sandra for the next year :)  It turned into a lovely evening out of fun, conversation, cocktails, and a chance to get know each other better as couples.  Not to mention, it all went to a great cause, to help our incredible preschool and church.  Next year, fewer cocktails, and perhaps I might even win the item I would like :) And more comfortable underwear...that bra was to be burned in effigy by the end of the evening.

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