The Bryan Kids 2014

The Bryan Kids 2014

Thursday, March 22, 2012

naked dinner time...

 Tonight, it occurred to me, that I may have started Molly's love for being naked.  With the first child, I carefully placed  a bib on at every meal time.  By the time the second came around, I just took off her shirt if the meal was going to get messy.  Lets face it, skin is the ultimate bib.  A quick wipe down, or a complete bath will fix almost any meal mess, if there are no clothes involved.   I save a ton on laundry time and stain remover.  It's a win/win situation.  Not to mention, Molly loves being naked, and she loves food.  Maybe that is why she loves to strip? Food=Happy, Food=Naked, therefore, Naked=Happy??? Maybe I caused this by allowing her to eat so many meals topless?  Today, because of potty training, she got to eat her spaghettios completely in the buff.  Perhaps I should stop this as she is getting older...What if she starts to strip for every meal?  The school will be calling me "Mrs. Bryan, Molly took off her clothes at the lunch table again.  She told us her mother doesn't let her eat pizza with her shirt on..."  I can hear the phone calls now.  I guess I can just explain to her that this only happens when she is at home.  And one day, when she is on a first date in front of a plate of messy pasta, I can only hope she remembers to keep her shirt on :)

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